• Dying Breed [Blu-ray], Very Good DVD, Boris Brkic,Peter Docker,Sheridan Harvey,E
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The noble search for a dying breed leads an ambitious zoologist to the discovery of a far more sinister species in this brutal Australian shocker featuring Leigh Whannell (SAW) and Nathan Phillips (WOLF CREEK). Eight years ago, Zoology student Nina (Mirrah Foulkes)'s sister was searching for evidence of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger when she suddenly vanished without a trace. Before disappearing, however, she did manage to send her sister a mysterious paw print that seemed to suggest that the species was still flourishing somewhere in the vast Australian wilderness. Much like the Sasquatch, the Tasmanian Tiger is a creature that modern scientists have dismissed as legend - but now that Nina has evidence, she's fully prepared to breach Tasmania's dense and dangerous forests in order to prove that the reclusive creature really exists. As Nina, her partner Matt (Whannell), his old friend Jack (Phillips), and his girlfriend Rebecca (Melanie Vallejo) make their way deep into the heart of Tasmania, it quickly becomes obvious that Nina is completely ignorant to one of the isolated island's darkest legends. Back in the 19th Century, when Australia was a barren penal colony, a dangerous convict named Alexander Pierce (aka 'The Pieman'), staged a daring escape from the island's most heavily guarded prison. Later, in order to survive, Pierce resorted to eating his fellow escapees. Though Pierce would be hung for cannibalism in 1824, by the time he was captured it was already too late. Pierce had bred, passing on his insatiable appetite for human flesh the next generation. Nearly two centuries later the Tasmanian Tiger seems to have finally become extinct, though the Pieman's lineage is still going strong. Now, in a land where human meat is scarce, Nina's expedition will fall prey to species with a savage appetite, and a murderous motivation to keep their bloodline strong.
Leading Role 1 Nathan Phillips
Director 1 Jody Dwyer
Leading Role 2 Leigh Whannell
Leading Role 3 Bille Brown
Additional Roles by Ken Radley, Sheridan Harvey, Mirrah Foulkes, Melanie Vallejo, Elaine Hudson
Producer Michael Boughen, Rod Morris
Screenwriter Michael Boughen, Jody Dwyer, Rod Morris
Score Composer Nerida Tyson-Chew
Editor Mark Perry
Release Format Blu-ray
Rating 18
Release Year 2009
Genre Horror/Occult
Additional Genre General
Language English
Running Time 92 minutes
EAN 5060163030776

Title: Dying Breed [Blu-ray] Format: Blu-ray Product Category : DVDsTitle : Dying Breed [Blu-ray]EAN : 5060163030776Actor : Boris Brkic,Peter Docker,Sheridan Harvey,Elaine Hudson,Ken Radley,Melanie Vallejo,Mirrah Foulkes,Bille Brown,Leigh Whannell,Nathan PhillipsDirector : Jody DwyerStudio : DNCRunning Time : 91 minutesRelease Date : 2009-09-28Theatrical Release Date : 2011-01-01Rating : Suitable for 18 years and overFormat : Blu-rayDiscs : 1Height : 0.5512 inchesWidth : 5.3543 inchesLength : 7.3228 inchesWeight : 0.3101 poundsKeywords : Blu-rayCondition : Very Good

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Dying Breed [Blu-ray], Very Good DVD, Boris Brkic,Peter Docker,Sheridan Harvey,E

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